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Category: Culture

27 March

The year 2020 was a rollercoaster for the cannabis business in Australia, with ACT cannabis’s laws taking place, TGA approving over-the-counter CBD, and of course, COVID-19. Despite the ongoing medical marijuana market in Australia and the global advances towards medical and recreational legalization, there are a lot of uncertainties about the benefits of cannabis legalization […]

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25 March

Medically Correct, creator of the national incredibles line of award-winning chocolate bars, has experienced more than a decade of success in the Colorado cannabis market. As more states legalize, new retailers, manufactures, and shoppers have entered the scene. While this may mean more competition for established brands, it also promises a shift in social and […]

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25 March

Burning one down while passing through some wilderness has been a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts since the days of dime bags and external frame backpacks. A nice trail toke can loosen up your limbs, get your head in the right place to relax, and is great for feeling that natural vibe. However, heading out into […]

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25 March

Martha Stewart, famed business owner, television personality and owner of numerous dogs, cats, horses, chickens, peacocks, canaries and geese, announced her newest CBD product line for pets. In conjunction with Canopy Growth, Stewart’s new product line aims to improve quality of life. “We very successfully launched our beautiful line of gummies based on my idea […]

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