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25 March

Medically Correct, creator of the national incredibles line of award-winning chocolate bars, has experienced more than a decade of success in the Colorado cannabis market. As more states legalize, new retailers, manufactures, and shoppers have entered the scene. While this may mean more competition for established brands, it also promises a shift in social and […]

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25 March

A bill to legalize recreational cannabis in New Mexico heads to the Senate floor for a vote after the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the Democrat-sponsored bill 5-4. House Bill 12, which passed in the state’s House last month, would allow the sale of recreational cannabis starting April 2022 for adults ages 21 and over. The […]

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25 March

Last Wednesday, the Colorado Senate passed legislation that would make it easier for children with complicated medical conditions to receive cannabis-based medication at school. The 31-1 vote resulted in the bill now being sent off to the House. One champion of the legislation is Republican Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert, who cited an emotional testimony […]

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25 March

To remain competitive, dispensaries must cater to evolving needs and expectations. Stocking fresh options in every category at every price tier will keep customers coming back, especially the higher-volume recreational users, who love to experiment and are almost certainly your biggest spenders. Garden Society Chocolates Wholesale: orders@thegardensociety.com; (707) 331-0136 CBDistillery Pet Tincture Wholesale: TheCBDistillery.com/wholesale-cbd-hemp-products Besito […]

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